making panoramas with Hugin

I was cleaning out my phone storage (archiving to laptop) and saw a few pics that might work as panoramas. I started looking for some FOSS (Free / Open Source Source Software). The Hugin project came up over and over.

It was small, less than 20MB with dependencies from the Debian repository.

using hugin

There are manual modes, but the default was a wizard that resulted in a panorama in the first 60 seconds with the software. Wizard steps:

  1. load the images
  2. align (automatic)
  3. create the pano image

the results

The first two I tried were views of the Delores River valley outside Cahone, NM. They are surprisingly good:

Delores River Valley the other direction

I must have been standing in the same spot.

I had less success combining images from my recent jaunt to the other side of the waterfall.

It looks like they are from slightly different perspectives and the results look like a trippy 60s rock poster or something:



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