daily cardio - a walk past the waterfall

other side of the waterfall

Muffin and I hiked over to the far side of the falls to see if we could see more. Access to the far side is limited due to being fenced and marked NO TRESSPASSING. The fence is largely decrepit but we stayed on the legal side of it:

correct side of the fence

I tried to sneak up on the edge to get decent pictures but my inner voice kept repeating the words “not survivable”. That and Muffin is fearless (reckless) and loves to stand on the edge of dropoffs:

muffin tries to kill me

I don’t want to be dragged over the edge.

We took in the view and headed back:

the valley

other visitors

Here is a Google Earth pic posted by a previous visitor. The write-up is offline but preserved by the Wayback Machine.

google earth

Yeah, a fall would be “not survivable”.


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