keeping powder dry in /r/vandwellers

Most of the questions posted to /r/vandwellers/ are dumbass, repetitive questions.  In deciding which ones to answer I try to assess why the dumbass question was asked:

  • is the poster stupid?   this is not fixable but sometimes a nudge or a link to more info can help.  The trick is to make the offer then setting them free (probably to screw it up, but that’s not your problem)

  • is the poster lazy?  Not fixable, abort.   Useless eaters.

  • is the poster a blowhard, crank, or mentally unstable?  No point in wasting time on any of these.

  • Is the poster young?  Could be worth the time.  A word at a the right time can help guide young folk.   Often they are too eaten up with fantasy to listen.

  • Is the poster curious but misinformed?  A good investment in time.

  • Is the poster a troll?  Abort, report.

  • Is the poster a substance abuser?  Same presentation as stupid poster, but typically not improvable.

I saw a particularly asisine question today, and then noted my Reddit Enhancement Suite tag for them was “troll druggie Focus dweller”.  The Focus dweller part reminds me they have different needs because they live in a car not a van.  The troll druggie part reminds me not to expend any effort on them. I’ve tried in the past and it was a waste of time.   The poster is unable to form good questions or process good advice because of their pharmaceutical situation.