Franklin Mountains state park

I spent yesterday tiring myself out in the Tom Mays unit of the Franklin Mountains state park.

This is where I had lunch, maybe halfway up to Mundy’s Gap:


Here’s the view from the other side of the Gap:

In the distance you can make out Guadelupe Peak (highest natural point in Texas), 110 miles away.

short weekend

This will be a short weekend since I closed on Friday (10pm) and will open tomorrow (4am).   So today I am mainly doing “housekeeping”.

I repaired a couple electrical connects, made two more for a different project, etc.  Did some organizing and got rid of a few items I didn’t need.  Nibbled on some $$$ parmesano I got from Whole Foods.  They make little samplers for plebes like me that can’t/won’t buy much at $20/lb.

Upper Valley Artists’ and Farmers’ market

I stumbled across this market today while on the way to a city park.  I bought two little bottlecap magnets from a 10yo who was repurposing cast-off items from her house. She also made laminated bookmarks out of images cut out of Dr. Seuss books that had come unbound.  Clever.

Got kettle corn because I am weak and could not resist.  Petted many dogs:  two frenchies, two chihuahua mixes, two belgian shepherds.

Chihuahauas are quite popular;  the Chihuahuan state is the one that borders Texas.  Lots of mixes, and they don’t seem nervous like the ones further north.  They’re dogs, just smaller.

Humane society

I signed up to do dog stuff for the local humane society.  Orientation is next weekend, and I will surely start at the poopscooping bottom of the totem pole.