NM: 8300’ USFS boondocking

This is my first weekend off from work at the new gig. Currently camping in a national forest in New Mexico at 8300’. I found another spot at 9300’ but there was no verizon there. Here there is a connection about 10% of the time so I can write email and the machine will keep banging on it until it can get through.

I drove up yesterday (friday) afternoon-evening and will probably stay until late Sunday night.

Nice and chilly, got into the 40s last night. I also saw some creatures on the way up that looked like giant deer.  First there was what appeared to be 2 does and 2 calves.  About a half mile down the road there was a buck down off the right side of the road.  His antlers appeared to be about 4’ (!) tall. edit: I looked it up and I think they are elk or maybe rocky mountain mule deer. another edit:  I looked at the dashcam footage and caught the last calf leaving the roadway:


I haven’t seen anyone else up here yet. Bliss! Here are a couple pics from my boondocking spot: