Cruise control - road trip to El Paso

A bunch of things are happening right now.  Might end up in a mad flurry/launch or just a blip on the radar.  Much thinking will be required.

It starts with a road trip to El Paso in July.

To that end, I ordered the Rostra cruise control for the Promaster.  I’d been putting it off because it’s $300 and I wanted to catch it on sale somewhere.    I want to get it installed before this road trip.  Would be faster to fly, but I want to spend some time in the city, stealthing and looking around.

I also installed Camco paper towel and paper plate dispensers and found a grocery bag dispenser.

ventilation manifold project

I have been back-burnering an idea about a ventilation manifold.  I want to be able to pull fumes (battery, composting toilet) out of the van from multiple sources with only one exhaust post.  I ordered a 3in marine through vent, a 3in “Y”, and a 3” sealed motor bilge blower.  A PWM motor control will help lower the RPM and noise.