Backchannel: BMS and rationality

from this post:

Those advocating running without a BMS are the ones advocating overcharging/undercharging cells— that’s the definition of “out of balance”. When you have to lie about someone else’s position, to smear them, that means the facts don’t back your position.

The lack of self-awareness is crushing.

First, no one is advocating running barefoot.  Second, those that discuss barefoot LiFePO4 are not talking about overcharging/undercharging cells.  The technique empirically improves inter-cell balance.

Now what were you saying about misrepresenting someone’s position and what that says about the weakness of one’s own position?

Check out my carefully-qualified reply that inadvertently started this little :

> You still need a BMS if you build your own module. Not necessarily.  There is a school of thought that [for some use cases]( BMS is not required, and may in fact cause a higher rate of failure.