enforce laws rather than targeting groups

from this article:

Berkeley police tell Marina RV campers to move out … or get towed. ... Those who have berths at the Marina reported multiple and increasing numbers of altercations and threats — particularly from people living in these vehicles,” [Berkeley spokesman] Chakko said.

If folks are being threatened, endangered, or assaulted then deal with criminals ASAP whether they are homeowners, renters, homeless, or vehicle dwellers. Equal enforcement.

The fact that the PD enforces civil statues against a subgroup of people (‘dwellers) reveals that their process is not rational, and maybe not even legal.  I don’t blame police officers for this; they are being instructed to do it by highers-up, and those folks are probably under pressure from NIMBY homevoters.

Homeless and vehicle-dwelling folks are being bullied by homevoters;  no one cares because the folks being bullied have no political power.

Bullying is not ok.

There are criminal actions and there are civil infractions.  Criminal actors need to feel immediate enforcement. Civil infractors (?) should get attention when there is no other criminal activity to address AND if it is an actual problem.