backchannel: craptastic Chinese cheap stuff

from this post:

Since a dongle can be used to program multiple [victron 75/15 charge controllers], it becomes more and more practical togo with such an excellent SC rather than the craptastic Chinese cheap stuff.

Ok, let’s compare the Indian (Victron) cheap stuff with the Chinese (Tracer) cheap stuff.

I looked for the cheapest prices for each on eBay and Amazon.

**Victron 75/15** **Tracer 2210A** **difference**
**charge controller** 88 98
**display or dongle** 50
**temp sensor** 24 6.5
**total** 162 104.5 35.49%
**input voltage** 75 100 -33.33%
**current** 15 20 -33.33%

Do you want to pay 35% more for the Indian controller with 33% lower max input voltage and current rating than the Chinese controller?  Totally up to you.

If I wanted to use Victron on my own system it would have cost $570 for the 150/45 vs $231.50 for the Tracer 4215BN.