CRVL matriarchy triggered

An entirely civil thread was closed by a mod because it chose rational discussion over the kneejerk White Knight approach Bob prefers.

This has been discussed, ad nauseum, here.

That does not imply anything has been worked out.  Indeed, it suggests there is more discussion to be had.

If a man sees something in the women only forum and you'd like to comment on the subject start a new thread in the appropriate forum.

Turn that around and see how it plays:  “if a woman sees something in the forum and she’d like to comment on the subject start a new thread in the women only forum.”

Obnoxious, right?

It also doesn’t address the concerns of the thread:

  1. when getting notifications from the feed one cannot tell which subforum the post is coming from.  That means treating a post in the WO subforum precisely the same as any other.  Shouldn’t the goal of equality be to treat people the same instead of like delicate snowflakes?

  2. the existence of a WO forum (or RTR) without the offer of a similarly-segregated setup for the other half implies there is something wrong or broken with the latter.   When it came to the RTR, the very idea of a Men's version was [immediately and forcefully rejected](

When the arguments for a WO forum were precisely mirrored by a male poster the thread was closed.  This goes to show that the ideas themselves aren’t important, it’s whether or not the poster is part of a protected group.

I'm closing this thread.

Of course you are.