“proper input charge voltage”

from this thread:

I didn’t see this mentioned but a “12v battery “ is technical in a deep state of discharge at 12.1-2 volts.

The reason you didn’t see it mentioned is we weren’t talking about that.

The proper input charge voltage should be 13.8 volts from your solar panels/ charge controller. A fully charged 12 v battery should have a nominal voltage in the range of 13.5 volts.


Are you making this stuff up?  It is ok to misinformed.  It is not ok to state misinformation as fact.

For newbies:  Vabs and Vfloat should be set to whatever the battery manufacturer recommends.  Full charge on FLA battery is measured with a hydrometer, and generally correlates with something like 12.7 - 12.8v.