#nomadlife profiteers

I have heard that more money was made selling things to gold miners than was made by mining gold.

I bring this up because I recently got a marketing email from a person who is determined to make a living off the vanlife/RVlife rush but can’t figure out how to do it.  She wanted feedback.  Here it is:

Dear [redacted],

Content is king. Clickbait is repulsive.

If it were me I’d refocus on providing content. If people want more they can request your services.

> I have a confession to make, and it's not easy...


> You see, I'm a very independent person, with big dreams and big goals of > helping a lot of people, but I've been struggling lately.

Cheesy writing attracts only mouthbreathers.

> I like to be brave and do things by myself, and I'm just terrible at > asking for help.

Uh huh.

There is a phase in any con called “telling the tale”.

You know that feeling when you see a panhandler in the distance homing in on you?  They haven’t said anything yet but you know how it plays out.

> You see, I've been feeling a bit lost and confused lately, not quite > clear on my next step.

You see, starting sentences with “you see” sounds like someone faking sincerity. Like when I just did it.

> I'm passionate, motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced - but unsure > of how to offer you my best. :(

i.e. “my current services aren’t selling.”

Please let me know what it is that you think would best help you and > others like you - adventurous, independent, passionate, RV dreamers & > freedom seekers - whether it's related to RVing or not.*

This sounds like toadying. Again, it will only attract mouthbreathers.

I want to help people /so much/, I'm just looking for the best way to do > it that will benefit you the most.

“I desperately need to monetize this. The 5th wheel payment comes along every month.”

Side note:  this person tried a launch on youtube and has 5 subscribers.  If you can’t give it away for free you sure can’t charge for it.

To her credit, she did not spam much or sell the address.  Unique addresses are great for tracking that.