RVwiki: charging house batteries with a generator

The number of RVwiki and content of RVwiki articles are starting to reach the breakeven point;  it’s now worth the effort of having started it.

A poster on CRVL PMed me a question about what generator to use to charge his batteries.  The article links allow folks to frontload a ton of info and further reading recommendations into a 5 minute reply:

Generators [really don't do a great job of charging batteries](http://rvwiki.mousetrap.net/doku.php?id=electrical:generator#charging_batteries) on their own.  Specifically,  charging batteries with a generator only is likely to end in [battery murder](http://rvwiki.mousetrap.net/doku.php?id=electrical:batterycide). If you do want a generator the consensus choice is the Honda EU2000.  I do not own one. Unless you have other plans for the generator (like running an A/C in a national forest or something), that $1000 would probably be better spent on an [isolator/solenoid](http://rvwiki.mousetrap.net/doku.php?id=electrical:12v:alternator) and a couple hundred watts of solar.  [Solar+alternator charging](http://rvwiki.mousetrap.net/doku.php?id=electrical:12v:alt_and_solar) would keep your batteries twice as healthy for half the cost.  And it would be silent.  :-)

I am not saying this answer is right;  I am saying it was easy to deploy by linking to wiki articles.  That way the person can drill down (or not) for more information as their interest and time permits.  And I don’t have to type stuff over and over.  I think that kind of repetition is part of what soured SternWake on CRVL.