Article: LEO “testilying” about sleeping in vehicle

from this article in the Voice of San Diego:

[Body cam footage] revealed [Officer] Governski had given false testimony under oath multiple times about the encounter. The footage directly contradicted his description of what happened and backed up Diaz’s account that Governski approached him as he was leaving a public restroom. ... The same officer has been in trouble before for his conduct toward homeless San Diegans.

You will be amused to know that the incident occurred while the officer was working on what was called a “quality of life team”.  Orwell would be pleased with that bit of propaganda.

You will not be surprised to learn that when the city attorney saw the tape they had the case dropped but didn’t inform the PD it had happened.

I bring this up to warn folks to be careful out there.  The police may be willing to lie under oath (“testilying”) and the prosecutors may be willing to let them get away with it.