learned helplessness

I mentioned before that I thought a gofundme given attention on CRVL would be the beginning of a deluge and a source of friction among existing members.

The forum has started to attract folks with a “somebody solve my problems” attitude with a side helping of the “yes, but” game.  One new poster started his very first post with the words “I need…“  and another first post was “HELP ME”.

Vision Statement #3 for the forum is:

3) To create a tribal community of like-minded people to support and care for each other.

Two concepts there:  support and care for each other, and a tribal community of like-minded people.  At the risk of seeming heartless, I suggest to you that beggars and the learned helpless are not like-minded people of the tribe.

A few may be scammers but I think the majority are unintentional users:  people who have learned through experience that acting helpless and hopeless is an effective strategy to elicit attention and resources from the tenderhearted and well-intentioned.

My first instinct is to report the posts as begging, but I think this is contrary to Bob’s position.  Instead I will block the users and allot my resources where I think they will do the most good.