Article: Greg Gerber retires

Mr. Gerber was the author of the RV Industry Death Spiral editorials (pdf).

After I published the highly-researched series of opinion pieces last summer that became known as the RV Industry Death Spiral, I kicked a hornet’s nest. More than a quarter million people have read that series to date and comments are still being made every week. ... However, the opinion pieces launched an unprecedented series of attacks on RV Daily Report advertisers by the Priority RV dealership network as well as the upper management of Forest River. ... Since January, I have spoken to five lawyers whose firms are investigating RV manufacturers for violations of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The clock is ticking on those companies who bury their collective heads in the sand thinking that as long as people continue to buy products, they must be happy with their purchases.

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One of the reasons I decided to build my own RV was the blatantly shoddy materials and construction in RVs I’ve been in.  It would have been laughable if people weren’t slurping it up and paying insane amounts of money for it.