Total Cost of Ownership: Eurovans

I did some crunching on the NADA site and here is the breakdown for TCO over 5 years.


So the cheapest total cost over the first 5 years would be the NV, with the Promaster in a close 2nd place.    Most expensive is the Ford Transit.

With just running costs (not including purchase) the Promaster is least expensive, with the Transit in second place.  The Chevy Express has the highest expenses, which I found surprising.  And that’s not even counting the $1000s it would take to install a high top.

There are also varying amounts of play between MSRP and Invoice prices, so you may be able to haggle a bit more with the Transit and Express.

Promaster 159" high Ford Transit 148" high NV2500 v6 high Chevy Express
MSRP $33,190.00 $36,665.00 $29,790.00 $31,415.00
Invoice $31,787.00 $33,824.00 $28,547.00 $29,216.00
4.23% 7.75% 4.17% 7.00%

I also ran the top chart with invoice prices and it didn’t change any rankings:

costs $49,712.00 $51,793.00 $52,769.00 $55,547.00
costs + purchase $81,499.00 $85,617.00 $81,316.00 $84,763.00

The gap between the Promaster and NV2500 decreased, as did the gap between the Transit and the Express.

The Sprinter is not compared here because I could only find diesel Sprinter numbers to compare.  In both cost and cost + purchase ratings it was the most expensive, but that may be partially or completely a function of the diesel option.