Letting go to move forward

I am aware there are things about Sticks & Bricks living that I will miss.   Not many, and they will be correctly jettisoned, but here they are:

  • chickens - I really like chickens.  Each spring for the past several years I have raised chicks from the egg in an incubator or bought as day-olds.  This year I didn’t do it because I am focusing my efforts and resources here.

  • dream bike - maybe I have low standards but my dream bike would be an old BMW R65 or R80.  I won’t have the garage area for such a beast and so it’s time to let that go, too.

  • operating a tractor - although I don’t particularly like mowing fields I really like my old Kubota tractor.  She just keeps working.  No frills, as doG intended.