nature says “do not touch”

This morning’s Craigslist browsing reminded me of Gary Larson’s wonderful cartoon from the 80s (?).


Here are the ads:

"its nice 5ft wheel ,3 electric slides.good tires,.not used much. also have one with 6 beds 37.5 ft,4 slides."


"2006 Salem le 28ft 2 slides in good condition no leaks non smoker no pets clean fully self contain tandem wheel awning central ac heat front bedroom with queen middel living dinette slide kitchen with gas and Electric fridge stove oven rear bedroom with twin bed slide private bathroom lots of room and storage good tires clear titel in hand $7300 cash call or text easy to tow with half ton pulls good light wieght under 6000 pounds also has Electric front hitch "


The point here, as I’ve ranted about before, is dealing with folks who write like this is not a good use of my time.  I am not mocking people with little formal education.  I am suggesting that a person who does not see the difference between their writing and normal writing also won’t see the difference between the RV they are selling and an RV in good condition.  We can also surmise they   didn’t follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines because they just didn’t read the manual.

In the run-on 2nd ad the word “title” is spelled correcly right there on Craigslist (both on the ad editor and in the finalized ad).  All the seller had to do is move his gaze a few millimeters.  Reading that ad is like listening to a child describe a dream they just had:  a stream of consciousness word torrent.