Previous life: family living in a 24’ TT

When I was in the army I bought, unseen, a mid-70s Holiday Rambler to live in once I was discharged. I think it was 22 or 24’ and looked like the model shown here.314873

Life intervened, and by the time I got out of the army I had a little family going: infant daughter, wife, and toddler step-daughter. We eventually bought a house but until then we lived in that little Rambler on hookups at the family land.

I don’t remember it being a hardship.  Mainly we were grateful to be warm and dry somewhere.  Later we divorced and I returned to the trailer as I originally intended it, a solo living space.  In that configuration it seemed palatial.  I finished a B.A. and left for grad school.  I sold the TT to some other gentleman who wanted it for a deer lease or something.