CRVL: “my spouse will not travel”

Bob at Cheap RV Living blogged about discord with SOs over nomadic living.

One question and comment I get all the time from married people is that the one writing me (equally often the man or woman)  wants and needs to travel and be mobile, but the other partner does not. It’s tragic how often that happens!

I am surprised he says it’s equally men and women.  In my experience talking to people it has be 90% men who wanted to travel and women who preferred a home life.  I think there are cultural reasons for this, which is to say I don’t think the dominant factor is biological.

Perhaps related:  a few years ago after my own divorce I moved out to a small rural community.  All the men I work with get starry-eyed when they learn this, then say something like “my wife won’t do it.  We’ve already talked about it.  I’m stuck.”

Those discussions are often followed up by “I’ve got to wait until the kids leave the house”;  they are talking about removing the marital yoke from their necks.

But it is not all so glum.  There are nomadic gals out there too.  So fellas, if you have a gal that likes to travel hold on tight! :-)