Walmart parking in Rapid Falls

A reminder to check with the WM manager and city laws.  I am a little disturbed by that “handshake agreement” angle.  What if they made a handshake agreement to keep out poor folks, or black folks, or …. [fill in the blank].

Kicked out of Wal-Mart? Couple says RV rules unclear in Sioux Falls

By 10 p.m., a security guard knocked on their door and informed them that a "city ordinance" prohibited overnight RV stays. ... The out-of-town couple had unwittingly run into a quirky local rule on RVs born out of a zoning battle in 2014. Wal-Mart had applied for two new stores on the western and southern edges of Sioux Falls that year, moves met by much consternation in some sectors. ... “When the new Wal-Marts were going through the approval process, there was a lot of concern about allowing the overnight parking of vehicles, particularly of RVs,” said Mike Cooper, the city's planning director. ... The city made a handshake agreement barring overnight RV parking into the permits for both stores, Cooper said. “If you’re going to occupy a vehicle such as an RV overnight, you are required to be in a campground,” Cooper said. “We have licensed campgrounds and truck stops within the city limits for overnight parking.”

From this article.