Why not now?

When I attended the RV show recently I was asked by salesdroids (for their own purposes) why I am waiting for retirement.   There are a few reasons.

I am still in the planning stages, getting it figured out. I’m not even close to settling on a platform yet.

I live in a tiny, rural

town on a manageable plot of land.  It is as peaceful as house living could be, as far as I can tell.  So I am not under pressure to get out of town now due to stress.

My job is fairly pleasant.  There are times when it is rough but in general I am pleased.  And it will yield a small pension in a little under 10 years from today.  Totally do-able.

I am aggressively paying off my debt.  I’ve got very little cash on hand but my debt is plummeting and my credit score increasing.

It will take some time to get rid of my accumulated stuff.  Making good progress but it’s an ongoing project.

Two rescue dogs live with me and they need space to play.  Due to their age, it is unlikely both will make it to boondocking time with me.  :-(

If I won the lottery and didn’t need the pension/SS it would still take me a year or two to get everything wrapped up.