library eBook loans for nomads

Many (most?) public libraries have digital media collections that cardholders can use for free.  This includes ebooks in kindle or epub formats, audiobooks, etc.

The big win for RV dwellers is that checkout, delivery, and return are all handled online;  your physical location and time of day/night doesn’t matter.  In addition, eBooks are generally very lightweight and therefore cheap for nomads to download over that mobile data bucket.  Audiobooks are substantially larger files.

Libraries usually outsource there digital loans to a service.  Here are the main ones and some libraries near popular domicile / mail forwarders:

  1. Overdrive - the 800lb gorilla.  Generally has both kindle and ePub formats
1. [Rapid City SD library]( [digital media](

2. [Livingston Tx library]( [digital media](

3. [Crestview, FL library]( [digital media](

4. [Las Vegas - Clark Co, NV library]( [digital media](

5. [Reno - Washoe Co, NV library]( [digital media](
  1. Freading - a smaller, simpler system that sometimes has stuff missing from Overdrive.  Generally ePub format.

  2. CLOUDLIBRARY - have to read using an app?

1. [Siouxland (Sioux Falls) library]( [digital media](
  1. One Click Digital - smaller system also uses an app to read?
1. [Crestview, FL library]( digital media

That should get you started!