Entries in this section are made in a 300w thrift store rice cooker (Aroma 6-cup model - ARC-363NG).

See also Roger Ebert’s famous rice cooker essay.

white rice

white rice

1c rice, rinsed
2c water

place in rice cooker and press the lever :-)

Experiments, from best to worst:

  1. A. (1st attempt) 1c white rice, 2c water. Rinsed rice and cooked in rice cooker. Very close to perfect - 10k altitude made the water boil a little more vigorously than normal. Might add a TBS or two more water at high altitudes to compensate for lower boiling point.

rice pudding

I did this first in the crock pot, results were good but but the cleanup was horrific. The rice cooker has a teflon pan so here we are. This pic was just after cooking shut off and the pudding is still quite loose. It would continue to set up nicely.


55g of sushi rice
28g sugar
15g butter
2c milk

cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla extract / almond extract
stir regularly to avoid scorching
  1. A. Still couldn’t find the vanilla extract, so added a squirt of Signature vanilla swirl flavoring and a dusting of powered cinnamon. 200w would have been more approprate than 300w; I had to lift/crack the lid to avoid boil-over. Boiling lasted about an hour then the cooker dropped to WARM setting. After about 1/2 hour on WARM the milk was absorbed and the rice was at a nice texture. Win!


scrambled eggs

mixed before cooking soft-scrambled after cooker shut off

Experiments, from best to worst:

  1. A. (1st attempt) Using leftovers. 6 eggs, some shredded cheese, and a couple ounces of leftover ricotta from the last lasagna batch. Dollop of condensed milk. Eggs were soft-scrambled as the cooker shut off. As they sat (still on warm) they came together more to the dry-scrambled (no wetness) style I prefer. Easy cleanup in the teflon pan.

packaged foods

I am interested in using the rice cooker to cook processed sides for when I feel lazy.

Knorr mushroom rice

  1. A-. (1st attempt). Threw everything in and hit the GO button. (related blog post with pic)


  1. A. Classic chicken flavor. As with Pilaf below, but increased water to 2 5/8c (increased by 1/8th cup for high elvation). Worked great.
  2. A-. (1st attempt). Pilaf flavor. As with most RaR dishes, it requires browning down the pasta/rice in butter before cooking. I did this on COOK until the cooker reached temp and clicked over to WARM. I added the seasoning to the rice then added 2c of water and reset to COOK. Simmering commenced in 8 minutes and it was done in ~35mins. Rice is 95% done; another 1/8c of water at high elevation (10k’ here) might help polish it off.

Walmart Three Cheese Potatoes

  1. A-. (1st attempt). The instructions called for hot water, so I put the water in the cooker and heated it until the butter melted. Added everything and cooked until the cooker clicked off. At 11,000’, so could have used a couple tablespoons more water to account for lower boiling point.


Oatmeal is supposed to do well, but I might not have 300w extra power in the mornings.