It’s alive (the frankenstein laptop)

bios side by side the result

The replacement laptop chassis arrived and I got it running

  1. booted to BIOS first to make sure that part worked
  2. moved over the drive (M2 SSD) and battery
  3. booted immediately to Win10 but I couldn’t get it to dualboot to linux
  4. tried to use Boot Repair in a LiveUSB Mint to repair boot, but Windoze was interfering
  5. gave up, wiped the drive and reinstalled Mint Linux Debian Edition. Windoze is no more
  6. tried to restore with Timeshift but it fell over and the restored system was borked. Maybe I didn’t know what I was doing
  7. reinstalled Mint again (takes about 10mins)
  8. updated OS from repos
  9. restored /home directory from backups

So on Day 2 it’s about 90%. Still finding stuff I have to reinstall. Glad to have a fully functional laptop again.


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