Update on stove, laptop, and weather

stove repair

The repair took and I cooked Malt-o-Meal for breakfast on the stove. No outgassing/fumes. Very happy with this repair; it should hold off replacement for a few years.


The laptop arrived in ELP late this morning and the mail forwarder checked it in 1.5 hrs later. I put in a request to have it mailed Priority (2-3 biz days) to General delivery in the closest town, so hopefully I have it next week. Based on past performance I suspect the pkg won’t leave the forwarder until Monday.

weather, solar

Yesterday was mostly rain and my bank was in the 30% range this morning. Today there was Good sun until about 11am so unlike yesterday I got back to 100%. Cloud cover is building now so we will see how the system fares until sundown.


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