dogbowl oven modification: vent and thermometer holes

{forgot to publish this the other day}

I picked up the BBQ temp probes mentioned here.

If I lived in bigger quarters the optimal mounting spot IMO would be permanent screwed-down spot in the side edge near the top of the upper bowl (bottom of bowl), but that would prevent nested storage or require disassembly each time:

approximated; can’t show the position without drilling the hole for the probe

I’d place the lid on bottom and stack the other bits in the oven lower.

A more practical spot for my tight storage situation will be “dropped into place using a hole drilled in the top” method:

CSI-level mockup


  • stackability mainatined
  • no disassembly; just remove probe
  • top holes can be covered with pennies if desired; side holes cannot (due to gravity)

So that’s what I did. I used a punch to make dent to keep the bit[s] from wandering. I made a small steam vent and a larger hole to allow the thermometer’s threaded body to pass:

Actual testing will follow in a few days. It’s mid-80s in Farmington (don’t get me started) and too hot for meaningful cooking indoors.