the limits of one’s vision / relo plans

{wrote this yesterday and forgot to press PUBLISH}

Finally found some bandwidth to upload an old vid from 2020. On a small highway traversing BLM land in the Blue Mountain area of OR. This could have ended badly:

The calf at 1:28 could have gone either way; they are especially squirrelly so don’t trust them to stay out of the way.

I met Paul (who you will remember from his insightful comments) yesterday here in Kool Corner, and we were talking about similar “hard to see” situations. It reminded me of this dashcam video so here you are. He’s an interesting guy with wide-ranging experiences and travels, and would make a good addition to any campfire circle.

Video is from a $50 cheapie dashcam circa 2017. The cam-curious can check out current recommendations from the dashcam subreddit sidebar, or repurpose an old, unloved android smartphone for dashcam purposes.

relo and resources

In the next day or so my amazon and general delivery packages should show up. When they do I will start my next relo. I’ll be staying in the Yuma area (American Girl mine, maybe?) and will likely stealth a night or two if the packages come in staggered. I am doing great on water (25gal + 7gal left) and propane so that’s not a concern. I will hit a grocery to flesh out the pantry.

On my way out of Kool Corner I’ll make a short jaunt up the road to check out the Mittry Lake area. Paul mentioned there were dumpsters in at least one area so I might drop off my minimal trash there. If not, there is a transfer station on the route back to Yuma proper.