game camera / knee status

My knee (injured in a fall yesterday) started hurting more as the day went on, and it made it uncomfortable to sleep. No obvious swelling today, which I take as a good sign.

I noticed on this morning’s dog walk that if I keep the swing of my left leg

  • straight down passing quite near the right foot
  • with no rotation of the foot (pronation/supination)

then the pain level is about a 2; annoying but not bad. If the knee is flexed at all by rotation or side-to-side by an imprecise swing then it’s up to “wouldn’t bear weight” pain even if in the air. Not sure how to express that. Placement on the ground out of plumb is deeply unpleasant.

I’m hoping if I can walk precisely for a couple weeks the knee will heal up and I’ll be back to getting some daily cardio.

game camera

The evolution of the injury is illustrated by this series of pics from the game camera I snagged on sale from Amazon. Generally speaking I don’t take pics of myself so seeing the pics was a bit odd.

Returning from a walk a couple days ago:

Returning from walking the dog last evening, knee wrapped in a soft brace I had in the van:

Getting out of the van this morning was a bit dicey: