backchannel: [not] camping with Bob

The video thumbnail says “Camp with Bob!”

…but folks with any passing familiarity with Bob know he doesn’t like to do that. He typically camps far away and “commutes” in. I have no problem with that, btw, but the crushing flocks of clueless newbies are his own fault. He sowed that field when he started talking about the RTRs on yt instead of on the forum.

I wondered if he’d had some kind of conversion on the road to Damascus.


I’ll be camped somewhere in the area and come over around noon to the Old location of the RTR at these GPS coordinates to meet you all: [33.6520073, -114.1513254](,-114.2149584,14z) > >

Not exactly “Camping with Bob!”, is it? This is another example of the organization outgrowing the founder. I don’t think Bob would have titled the video that way if he were still doing them himself.