covid stimulus II / early relo?

Looks like I’m going to be in the large group of folks that won’t get the stimulus directly. For those of that don’t get it by Jan 15, apparently:

If your stimulus payment does not come by Jan. 15, 2021, the only way you can claim it is to [file a tax return]( for the 2020 year... If you don't get your money, you can submit a return and claim the tax credit -- which is called the Recovery Rebate Credit. > >

and regarding status on the IRS Get My Payment page:

If you get a message reading "Payment Status #2 - Not Available" you're in the group that will need to submit a return to claim your money. > >

relo logistics

Looking at the calender I just realized that my must-leave date here in Q is Wednesday, Jan 20th, which is Inauguration Day. I’d rather be emplaced somewhere away from civilization in case Civil War 2 enthusiasts go buck wild.

Also, MLK day is Monday, Jan 18th and some places I might want to reprovision at could be closed. This makes Tuesday the 19th the likely candidate. And the dump will even be open that day so I can do that on the way out of town.