“urgent recall”

There is a known recall on the fan module on the PM (and PM City, IIRC).

Recall: VB2 - 2015-2018 PROMASTER ENGINE COOLING FAN > >

RAM sends emails with URGENT RECALL in the subject line with this kind of graphic:

… which would be useful if any dealers actually had the part. But they don’t; none of them do nationwide. Luckily no one on the forums has experienced actual issues with it it.

When I went in for the transmission linkage recall in Reno they were all excited to inform me about the fan recall:

THEM: Oh hey, there’s another recall!

ME: Cooling fan, right. You don’t have the part. Nobody has the part.

THEM: Let me check……. [type type type]. We don’t have the part. Let me check around [type type type]. Oh. Nobody has the part.

ME: Right.

There is a rural saying about hunting rabbits, that if you stand in one place the rabbit will run off but eventually circle back to where you have been standing. It took about 30 seconds.