thank god it’s Monday…

…and the rowdy weekenders went back to their normal lives.

The valley I am in with this dry lake bed is, I’m guessing, 6 miles by 4 miles. Bounded on three sides by hills and by the highway to the north. It’s a big enough space I had to use binos to figure out the neighbor situation.

  • north, approx 1 mile:

    • pickup with travel trailer

    • SUV with popup camper.

  • west, approx 200 yds

    • (my closest neighbor) a pickup and travel trailer. To be fair he was here first and I picked this spot so “close”.  His is the only generator I could hear, and that’s because it was a loud contractor-style genny.  High-end generators (Honda, Yamaha, etc) are so quiet you can walk past someone’s campsite and just make out there’s a quiet sound of some kind.    
  • southwest, approx 2 miles

    • schoolbus and SUV with small travel trailer camped together

    • conversion van with cargo trailer

    • Class A

    • pop-up trailer left on site;  haven’t seen anyone near it

  • south, approx 1 mile (dry lake area)

    • high roof eurovan and truck w/toy hauler camped together.

    • Class A

    • 3 miles out (beyond dry lake):  trailer, possibly with truck parked behind it

  • southesast, approx 3 miles

    • pickup with 5th wheel


If the weather holds here I’ll stay until the first week of Dec, then head to the Lake Havasu area.  I am glad to miss the Covid-fest that Thanksgiving shopping and Black Friday will entail.