solar pop quiz: achieving Absorption voltage

Given the following information:

  • mppt controller
  • panels rated Vmp = 36v (parallel)
  • measured panel voltage (Vpanel) every 4 minutes

at what time (roughly) did the system reach Absorption voltage (Vabs)?

**Time** **Vpanel**
0912 36.37v
0916 35.21v
0920 36.16v
0924 36.57v
0928 36.82v
0932 36.30v
0936 35.67v
0940 35.97v
0944 37.14v
0948 37.89v
0952 38.09v

extra credit

Why is this so?

Does it happen this way with PWM?


to be announced tomorrow, in order to give people encouragement to think it through.