it’s Jean Lake (dry)

The area nearby where the people are parasailing (?) is Jean Dry Lake:

The dry lake bed is a popular filming location for photo shoots, music videos, and films. _Casino_, _Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas_, and _The Hangover_ contain scenes filmed at Jean Dry Lake. > >

I’d like to see some ultralight action but it’s likely too windy for them.

This morning I saw a bit of something fluttering; looked like a hamburger wrapper. Turns out it was a parachute and a 4” long rocket nose cone, presumably launched from the lake bed.. Since there was no rocket attached it seems to have failed. There was no owner info written on it or I would’ve provided them with the coordinates for their curosity.


Also, apparently this area is part of (physically huge) Henderson, NV. Somewhere around Henderson is where the massive PEPCOM rocket fuel explosion[s] occurred: