new tech / old tech on horse trail

Yesterday Muffin and I walked the other direction on horse trail to see what was there.  

We ended up crossing a human trail that led toward the mountains to the NE.  That side was devoid of cholla (yes!) and had many more “Joshua Tree” yuccas.  

We were walking a mild-but-steady uphill and by the time we reached what was to become our turnoff point we were both tired.  I’d been looking for a trail or horse path that would take us back west where we would intersect the main road.  I knew (confirmed by GPS) where the van was so that wasn’t a real concern.  But I wanted a way to start angling back toward camp without backtracking – part of the reason for the walk was to scout out new campsites for future visits.  I definitely want to get further off that gravel road and the dust kicked up by idjits. 

As you can see in the {top} pic, we found a horse path that led in the right direction and we followed it.  We intersected the gravel road 2mi NE of the camp and followed it back.  Not the most pleasant part of the hike, but we were tired and I didn’t see any parallel tracks.