escaping an arctic blast

I’d been out of it for a couple days and didn’t see an approaching weather event. Temps tonight in northern Nevada are forecast into the teens and single-digits:

...MUCH COLDER TEMPERATURES SUNDAY THROUGH TUESDAY MORNING... Very cold temperatures are expected from Sunday through Tuesday morning in response to a strong cold front passing through from the north. High temperatures for Sunday and Monday are forecast to only be in the 40s for most areas, with 30s in higher elevations. Morning lows for Monday and Tuesday are likely to drop down into the teens and lower 20s in western Nevada with single digits in the Sierra valleys. Some of the typically colder locations near the Sierra will see lows below zero. In addition, gusty northeast winds behind the front Sunday into Monday morning will make it feel even colder. > >

I checked forecast info for other places in driving distance and it was about the same. Sacramento, 4000’ lower in elevation and protected by the Sierra Nevada range, was scheduled to have lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s. I have been purposefully avoiding CA for a few reasons, but it seemed like the best option.

Last evening I pulled out of Carson City and headed west. It was about 2 hours of driving, which I performed in 30-min increments because of soreness and leg pain. I found some different stretches that seem to be relaxing the piriformis monster. It still twitches like it wants to cramp so we aren’t out of danger yet. I am drinking lots of water and taking my one-a-day in case there were hydration or mineral co-factors.

One of the rest stops halfway across the Tahoe NF was the Donner Pass rest area. I did not eat anyone, perhaps because I could not catch them. Californians are relatively fit and spry, while I was hobbling around and moaning like a werewolf. Not very stealth. I wanted to stay there and relax/stretch but it was 7k high and so would be even colder. I pushed on to a lower-elevation rest area and crashed for the night.

I stopped in Rocklin, CA, elev. 1000’. The forecast is warm and sunny here, too, and I want to minimize the driving, for physical and fiscal reasons. I might hide out here the rest of the week until the weather situation reveals itself.

I picked up some groceries at Target and am using their wifi to update my devices. After that I’ll find a park or somewhere else to park for the day.