sky is 5.8x clearer today; walking the docks

… according to my solar harvest, anyway.  Yesterday at slightly after noon I was making 8.98W.  Today it’s 52.08W.

walked to the docks

We walked down to the dock area, which was devoid of tourists. Probably a combination of the fires, being early morning, and mid-week.  Many of the shop signs said they opened at 11am.     Since I’m not buying and had the dog with me I didn’t mind that they were closed.

Lots of working men doing seafood-related physical work on the docks.   Some of these boats (like the blue Pegasus in the background)  were bigger than buildings I’ve worked in before:

Here’s a video of the 96’ (!) craft being pulled out of the water in 2017:

At the time it had Astoria, OR printed on the right side of the stern instead of the Toledo, OR it carries now.   Reworked at the Port of Toledo?  Sold?

ork! ork! ork!

The sea lions were mostly sleeping except the one on the far left (hidden behind railing) that was barking nonstop.  This confused the dog:

You can see her hackles are raised at the shoulder and base of tail, but she stayed silent and observed.  Probably not a bad move when encountering animals 20x her size.  If only she were as reserved around other large animals.   She usually barks and growls at large land animals like cattle and mule deer.  The deer in particular seem to set her off.

One of the sea lions coughed and ejected a chunk of something about 10’ away from the prone position.   Sounds like cows when they exhale hard.