NOT recommended: Renogy Rover Elite solar charge controller

Reasons not to get involved with the Rover Elite controllers from Renogy.

  1.  the setpoints are unconfigurable, except for the Absorption setting in Li mode

  2. even in that mode Vabs is settable only in .2v increments

  3. the cable interface (or chip behind it) is nonstandard for Renogy (and its sources).  The external display for it costs more than the options on other Renogy controllers (surprise!).  It does not offer any more info that the limited set on the unit’s display.  Example:  no way to see panel amps.

  4. it costs more than the 2210AN that is highly configurable and supports normal external meters/dongles/etc

Why did Renogy do this?

Given the price point, form factor, and focus on BT connectivity on related new-ish Renogy CC’s, I think the they are positioning their gear to run against Victron controllers, specifically the popular 75/15 model seen to the right.

The EpEver gear Renogy has historically rebaded was always functional and inexpensive (leaving room for R’s markup) but often looked clunky.   In an Instagram-influencer world form beats function, amirite?