forest fires in the distance

The other day when I hiked to the nearby high points I noticed smoke in the distance to the east;  this appears to be the White River fire.  In this pic my spot is roughly in the center and you can see the White River fire in the next county to the east.:

Last night the wind turned easterly and picked up a bit;  I woke up about midnight smelling faint smoke from it.  I got up and made sure it wasn’t something closer (it wasn’t).

Today I can’t smell it anymore;  used to it I guess.  But the valleys to the east are hazy with smoke.   Compare today’s pic with the previous one:

The distances are great enough that I’m not worried about the fires themselves, but hiking in the smoke isn’t fun.  It’s also warmer than I like (86F right now) so I am thinking seriously about relocating to the cost again for a bit.  It’s the only reliably-cool place within a couple hours drive.

I’ll check back in later with a decision.


relocated to just south of seaside.  20F cooler.  Might get nuts;  didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend.