backchannel restraint

So proud of myself.  Didn’t post the following:

It's not "hidden in the manual", the manual doesn't say "it's bad"  and it's not a "bad controller".  This situation derives from a failure to understand product specs. To paraphrase Dave Chappelle, "that's how PWM _works_;  that's what PWM is _for_."   I encourage you to slow down on buying components until you have a fuller understanding of how they work and how they support whatever it is you want to accomplish.


To give you an idea what he’s up against,  in the same post he says “Keep in mind that for now I’m only feeding the one single Optima Blue Top AMG battery”.  This is an idiot trifecta (quadrafecta?):

  1. it’s a “marine hybrid”, not a deep cycle in any normal sense

  2. AGM is a poor choice for solar-only charging

  3. it’s AGM not AMG

  4. Optima is hype, overpriced for people who thrive on marketing pap. The Optima he bought is roughly 6x more expensive than a normal solution, and will underperform.

An Optima battery icon could be the avatar assigned to offgrid folks who make counterproductive choices.