more about the water pump

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking about the best way to get, transport, and dispsense water from the pump.  Spigot bucket!

I took the bucket over and rinsed it out.  I paid a bit more attention to the process this time.  The dead-lift resistance on the piston is maybe 40# and this stroke is about 12”.   Luckily the big nail/spike inserted though the lift bar is at bicep curl level - not easy, but at least at a convenient height.  A little handle leverage would be welcome. :-)  The top of the existing structure (minus handle) comes up to my eye level, so probably 5’ 8”.

The spike is easier to see in this pic.  It’s pretty rough on the hands, even with gloves on.  I tried to make pool noodle pads, but it just ripped through.

I used a couple hose clamps to attach a plunger-sized dowel to the spike and it’s much easier on the hands.

I think this is a complete example:

The piston rod is different.

Observations:  after 3 priming strokes, it took 10  productive strokes to fill the 5gal bucket  halfway.  This means each stroke yields about a quart of water.

I imagine the stroke length with handle attached was somewhat less, particularly given the pic above.  Maybe 6” so a pint per pull?

here’s a cutaway video that shows how such pumps work: