the play is on first

There is a baseball saying that “the play is on first base”.  This is a reference to there being more than one runner in play so which should be taken out (A.  the one on first base).

The recent clashes between police and communities has a similar logic to it.   There were many places where the current chain of events could have been disrupted and the current situation negated:

  1. hire balanced, educated LEOs, specifically avoiding the overly aggressive, sociopaths, racists, steroid abusers, self-described “Punishers”, etc.  <– police duty

  2. obey the law, in order to minimize  run-ins with LEOs, including the sociopaths that leak through the above step <– citizen duty

  3. do not punish/kill suspected lawbreakers on the streets <– police duty

  4. make LEOs personally responsible for their actions, just like anyone else   <– judicial duty

  5. if you’re going to protest, do it peacefully and lawfully. Wear armor.  Be lawfully armed.  Remember that it’s counterproductive to fsck up your own neighborhood.  <– citizen duty

  6. if you’re on riot duty, only follow lawful orders Understand the law and your role in it.  <– police duty