MSR Dragonfly fuel line replacement

I took the Dragonfly apart the other day to see what the fuel line was like inside that braid.

Today I picked up some replacement Gates fuel line.  This particular example is a rubber line with internal nylon braid, rated for 50psi with fuel.  I looked for the specs on the pressure the MSR hand pump can generate but found none;  I’d guess 2-3psi.

The issue here isn’t pressure, but rather temperature.  The stove’s heat goes up in the air until you put a pot on it;  at that point some heat is reflected back onto the brass fuel stem and simmer adjustment, and the fuel line connected to the fuel stem (see pic below).  I had some  aluminum sheeting that came with the stove as a windbreak and figured that would work as a heat shield.

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”2560”] test run on the new fuel line[/caption]

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”2560”] heat shielding in place[/caption]

Immediately cranked up and ran like a beast again.  Sounds like a Saturn V leaving the launchpad. :-)  It also means I am back to burning cheaper unleaded ($2/gal right now)  than Coleman ($12, or $9 for the walmart brand today).


  • this line is longer (2’) by design;  the OEM fuel line was annoying short (1’)

  • this line is more supple;  the OEM was annoyingly stiff

  • I boiled water for green  tea, shut it down and checked the fuel line temp.  It was body temperature under the heat shield.

  • I am not in love with the clip-style clamps (all the shop had) so will replace them with more robust clamps next time  I’m near a hardware store.   But they held with zero leakage

Calling this $8 mod not just a success, but an improvement.    I packed the little Exponent stove back into the Folger’s container it hides in.