Covid-19 refugees

Folks displaced by the pandemic-inflected economic downturn are starting to pop up in /r/vandwellers.  It’s not a bad place for them to start figuring it out.

The posts look like this: 

> I’m going to be homeless shortly. Luckily I already own a van for my business and have a storage unit for what possessions I do have. ..  What necessities do I need besides a cot and camper stove, pots, pans to cook. Any help or advice is appreciated.

And the locals chime in with help and encouragement.  It’s a nice break from the stoners, trolls, and fools that continually smash into  /r/vandwellers like waves breaking on a beach.    The recently homeless are motivated and pay attention to what people say.

Tangent:  Over 90% of followers don’t live in a van: