over the hill

Ok, y’all saw this pic yesterday:

Ju-u-u-uust off the left edge of the pic is the Rocky Peak campground where I assume the kid was from.  It’s an improved campsite, which means there are trash cans, a pit latrine (BYOTP I hear), cooking rings, picnic tables, and numbered lots.

Amenities come at a price, in this case $5/night to stay on one of those lots.   I think $5 is a fair price for such improvements, just not on my self-imposed budget.  I am on the other side of the tracks hill where there are no amenities, no people, and no fees.  I am in a d_ispersed_ campsite (boondocking spot), which is basically just  a pull-off where prior campers have collected rocks for a fire ring.

The dirt two-track is rough enough that so far I have only seen ATVs, UTVs, dirtbikes and one Jeep come through.  They always look a little surprised to see the Big White Rolling Barn up here.  I have to go slow and pick my lines carefully.  There are scratch marks in the paint all the way down both sides of the van from many such adventures.  :-)

A few times on the way up here the stiff chassis + serious trail uneveness meant only one drive wheel was touching the ground.  The ABS-based traction control worked flawlessly and with no drama.   It’s an elegant and inexpensive solution once the ABS is already in place.