slight repositioning

Muffin and I were on a walk last evening and found a superior spot up the trail a bit.


  1. further off a “main” established trail

  2. allows me to orient the van differently – I prefer E-W orintation but I could only fit in N-S in the other spot while staying off fresh flora

  3. cool rocks

  4. tree canopies a bit higher - I was bumping into limbs before


  1. up against a hill on the east so I’m getting usuable solar power about 45mins later (0820) than before (0745).   Still achieving Vabs around the same time (1030) because of the generous paneling.

There’s also a bonus cooking rock at chest level:

Using the Coleman multifueler here because I got something physically clogged in the fuel line of the MSR dragonfly.   When I tore down the pump for maintenance/troubleshooting there were bits of the pump’s red plastic collected in places.  I don’t think the clog is that because there is a small filter downstream from the pump.

The fuel line is a bit annoying because the line is somehow crimped onto the burner on one end and a brass block on the other.   A breakdown of a similar model suggests there may be barbs to connect replacement hose to (see below).

I have a support ticket in to MSR asking them if they sell the line.  If not I’ll cut it off and roll my own with some fuel line and SS braid.  I’d like a bit longer line anyhow.  I’d really, really like to tear into the line now to see and measure the barbs and start planning a replacement but I’ll leave it intact until I hear back from MSR.