a trip to town to reprovision amidst the zombie apocalypse

Note:  when prepper people talk about “zombies”,  undead are a metaphor for any challenges one might meet.  It’s not about literal zombies.

As (I think) I mentioned earlier, I am camped outside Pahrump, NV on BLM land:

There is snow up there on the peaks though it’s a bit hard to see. Easier to see in this pic.

Anyhow, I went into town to reprovision food and water.  In general I make my WM runs on Sunday mornings or during sporting events;  both of those tend to reduce the density of shambling hordes in the aisles.  

That approach served me well this morning as there was ample parking and a full complement of carts inside.


Certain shelves really were empty:  paper goods, bottled water.  The paper goods makes sense, but it’s unlikely the water supply will be disrupted.  The other thing that was clobbered was convenience foods:  canned meals, kids’ cereal boxes, etc.     Instant oatmeal was gone but old fashioned oats were still present.

I also noticed that the top (overstock) shelves still had stuff on them.  I often bemoan being tall in a van, but I had dibs on anything I wanted on the top shelf.


I had a few gallons left, probably ~4.  Time to start paying attention.  My first instinct was to find a water kiosk where one can get water for 20-25c/gal.  Kiosks are a little tough for me since I have no 5gal water bottles – no place to store them.  So I was going to use a collapsible 5gal water bladder to collect the wet stuff and xfer to the fresh water tank.

While driving to the kiosk’s location on Maps, I noticed a public park.  The pavilion area had industrial grade water spigots for celebrants.  I celebrated and lugged the bladder back and forth a few times until the 35gal tank was full.    I  made one more trip to fill up the bladder again.

The actual filling didn’t take long;  the spigot pressure was immense and filled the bladder in about 10 seconds.  30gpm?  It was threaded on the end for a hose but I couldn’t have got the van close enough to use it.

To quote a forum poster:

“…you really appreciate every drop of water if you have to schlep it.” – gcal