rain and water catchment

It’s been raining off and on for the 48hrs, keeping dog and I indoors and putting a damper on solar harvest.  Presently pulling in 91w .  That’s 16% of theoretical system maximum, typical for medium-brightness overcast conditions.  Dark overcast is usually 10% of max and bright overcast about 33%.

Yesterday I finally remembered to set out a container for water catchment;  I got a pint.  Made my normal 2c of coffee from that and decided to catch more aggressively when the opportunity presents.

So last night just before doggo and I went to bed I set out a bucket.  Around lunch today I harvested about 1.3gal of water from it.  I strained it through mesh and then coffee filter to remove debris the wind had blown in.

Given that identical buckets stack and therefore don’t take up much more room than a single bucket, I might pick up one or two more to increase water catchment.


My Verizon MVNO is crazy slow outside Pahrump right now.  Granted, I blew through my 12GB allotment and am now capped at 128kbps, but I’m